Can you give me a price over the phone?

Additions/Remodel: Usually no.
Each project is usually very different and unique from the next and until we see the site, structure and get details, it is difficult to get an accurate price. Through an initial consultation we can then give you an accurate price.

New Construction: Yes
General Contractor price: $1.70 per square foot (engineering not included)
Home Owner: $1.80 per square foot (engineering not included)

How long does it take to get a permit?

Once again, because each project is usually different from the next it varies. You can usually expect at least two months for design and plans, and many times longer, depending on the scope of the project. Once the plans are ready permitting is the next step which usually takes up to four weeks and a little longer during the spring and summer months.

I have never done this before and am concerned at being overwhelmed during the whole process:

You are in good company as this is very common.

Wagner Designs is understanding to this and will make it as painless as possible by guiding you through the whole design and permitting process.
We have worked closely with the same licensed engineers for over six years. We can refer one of several reputable contractors.
Finally, we work directly with the local jurisdiction to ensure permitting.

How can I be assured of getting the design I want?

There is not an architect or designer that can guarantee the perfect design.
However, Wagner Designs has many referrals through the years from highly satisfied clients claiming their design was what they wanted. Good communication between client and designer is imperative.
We listen to the clients needs not ours.